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Valverde Maclean

Life and love can take us to unexpected places

Valvedre Maclean  addressing

 the Probus Club of the North Blacallll Range

  I am always asked “Why did I write The Disappearance of Merry?”

  It certainly came as surprise to many who knew me.  They thought that if I wrote a book it would have to be about sheep, or cattle, or rural life.  Certainly not a romance, or a mystery.  I think the general opinion amongst those who know me that I am neither romantic nor mysterious.

  What happened was I had a dream.  

  I guess the challenge of using words to tell a story, to create a mood, a feeling and to communicate ideas is what really appeals to me.

  What do we want from relationships?  That’s something which is important to all of us, and we all look at it in different ways.  These are questions the two main characters in my book must face: just like the rest of us.

   Another idea embedded in the book is how our lives may have taken a different direction.    Sometimes these are decisions made with our full knowledge. At other times we do not realise that we have made, or even, have had made for us, a decision that will dramatically affect our lives.  Suzie and Peter find that out as their story progresses.

  I guess my love, my passion, for Australia is also part of the story.  I want to take the reader to places and times that are part of us.  So much of our history is overlooked these days.  I think we need to reclaim our history.  There is much to be proud of, and we need to build on the positives in our lives and our country.

Now I must admit when it comes to marketing and promotion I think I have made a major mistake.  These days social media is the big thing.  I should have included a cute cat in the book.  Imagine the possibilities of a viral campaign on Youtube with a cute cat video.  That would be the way to get your book known!  Unfortunately I can see what would happen.  The cat gets a million friends on its own Facebook page, starts a twitter account, gets offers of celebrity endorsement of diet cat food.   No mention of the book that made it famous.

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