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Valverde Maclean

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Support for Youth and Community Fund Raising Programs

  Many people working with youth and community groups are constantly seeking ways to raise funds for their activities.

   In support of such initiatives Valverde Maclean is offering approved

groups a special extra discount price.

  How it works.

   Your group takes orders and purchases books at a substantial discount to the usual web price. You then on-sell to your supporters at the normal retail price.  Your group keeps the difference.

Naturally there are conditions.

    You must nominate your group and the activities your group undertakes.

      The group must be involved with youth or community activities.

      Any order is subject to application to, and subsequent approval by the author, Valverde Maclean.

      A minimum order of 20 books, to any one postal address, with payment in full on placement of confirmed order.


 To contact Valverde Maclean about your program

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